Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ



Who am I? I’m Ben. I’m 36 and I live in Wellington, New Zealand.

I like girls (one in particular), my Boston Terrier, cigars, the Wu-Tang Clan, tending my veges, movies, and taking snaps. I’m also rather keen on Free or Open Source Software (FOSS), and have used Linux at home as my sole operating system since 2005. I help out with Webstock as a board member, administer, and have a day job at a major New Zealand company.

This site started one afternoon in 2002 in London before I left for Europe to travel for a few months. I wrote a rudimentary ‘blog’ app in Lotus Domino to record my ramblings. Of course, once I got to Europe I barely used it, and I proudly continue that tradition to this day.