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Eyes on the Prize II

Wow, just finished watching episode 14 (the final) of Eyes on the Prize. When I tell people it’s a 14 part doco they think it must be long and tedious. However is it has flown past too quickly, and I’ll be re-watching a few episodes. This series is incredible and I highly recommend it to anyone who has an interest in human rights or the civil rights movement, or social movements in general.

Notable personalities and stories in the series include:

  1. The amazing Fannie Lou Hamer
  2. Medgar Evers, helped the prosecution pursue the murderers of Emmett Till. He also helped desegregate the University of Mississippi, and was murdered by a KKK member outside his house
  3. Huey Newton, charismatic co-founder of the Black Panther Party
  4. Fred Hampton, the young Chicago Black Panther who was murdered by the police
  5. and of course, Dr King

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