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Wow! Habana is a hip, hip, city. I can’t upload photos at the moment, but everything is decaying and stunning. We drove around with a guide (more about him in a future post) last night, a Saturday, and the streets were alive with people. Not in large crowds, but hanging around in the streets or outside clubs and cafes. There are old cars everywhere, many of them are also decaying, but they are look and sound amazing. The other striking things about Habana are the heat, which is almost perfect; and the sounds of the streets, which consist of cars, bikes, music, the occassional horse carriage for tourists, and chatter.

Anyone who wants to visit an amazing city should come to Habana.

2 Responses to “Habana”

  1. Jason Says:

    Hey kids,

    I only have your work addresses, so everyone on the interweb gets to read this…

    To find the mexican food place I mentioned in San Fran, take a tram to Castro (one of the old rickety ones is best, they go from fisherman’s wharf to castro) and get off at the terminus on Castro St. Next, head back the way you came on the right side of the street and you should see it within a few meters. I’m not sure the name, but just look for a vibrant mexican joint with big windows. I would give directions in my normal method (navigating via pubs and gas stations) but my brain was a bit bleary when I was there. And now, funnily enough.


  2. ben Says:

    Hey dude, thanks for the instructions 🙂 We will let you know how we get on, at least when we ask for directions we should be able to understand the answer rather than nodding and smiling although we have no idea what we’re being told.