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A Mac called Kate

So Kate the Mac has come to live at our house. I like the Mac packaging and make a special point of getting a photo taken with it. That’s how much it impresses me.

packaging is interesting

Later, I begrudgingly acknowledge that I also quite like the Mac.

shine shine shine

But wait, what’s this? Larry the IBM (who looks rather unimpressed with Kate the Mac) can always connect to the wireless router. While Kate looks cool, she’ll have to endure having a poxie Dick Smith Electronics USB wireless adapter sticking out of her as OSX can’t reliably connect to the router like every other wireless enabled device in the house (that’s a Linux laptop, and two mobile phones, and various other random laptops that turn up wanting to bludge our bandwidth).

Larry the IBM and Kate the Mac

2 Responses to “A Mac called Kate”

  1. Jess Says:

    Hey Ben,

    What wireless adapter did you wind up getting? I just got myself a macbook (wahoo!) and am having the same problems. I see DSE have a few different types of adapter for sale, some of which don’t appear to be mac compatable.

    Might have to have a chat with you guys when you get back re: macs connecting to an otherwise mac-free wireless network…

    Hope you’re having a great time in the states!


  2. ben Says:

    Hey Jess, we got a cheap DSE USB jobbie and it worked well. Crazy thing is, I ran the software update about 6 weeks ago and it started connecting…. bizzarro. Trip is awesome, see you in a few weeks.