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DIG! the movie

Went to Dig! last night – awesome film. Funnier (nearly) than Spinal Tap, and waaaay more rock’n’roll than Some kind of Monster. It’s about the Dandy Warhols and The Brian Jonestown Massacre. The Brian Jonestown Massacre were pure rock’n’roll – chaotic and high as kites. In contrast the Dandy Warhols are pussies. Great entertainment and great music.

In other news, I am now exclusively using Linux on the laptop. Still a few things to sort out, like power management (standby problems mostly). But URPMI has been a Linux changing experience and must be one of the best kept secrets of Mandriva linux. I’ve also installed Debian on a mate’s server (which has been highly entertaining), and Debian is also awesome. Debain’s equivalent of URPMI is apt-get. It too is bitchin’ and appears to offer a few advantages over URPMI.

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