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An ode to IE 4

My cross browser machine runs 5 different versions of IE and is a great lad.

Although some of us thought that IE 4 was a bloated hunk of resource gobbling junk when it was released, it has stood the test of time remarkably well. I’m glad that it’s rare to see an IE4 entry in one’s site usage statistics, but I still like to test my sites in IE4 if possible. I’m generally happy how they come out too – a bit wonky, but usable and retaining the overall visual gist of the site. And we’re talking sites that are completely tableless and all CSS…. no browser sniffers, no tricks, and all browsers using the same stylesheet.

I never thought I’d say this – wait for it – but well done to the developers of IE 4 for their attempt at an implementation of a standards rendering browser. A shame that the momentum of this initiative was lost. Also, it’s too bad about the predatory business practices of Microsoft, but hey.

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