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HTML element madness

After a quick brush up on my html element attributes by having a look at the W3 Schools html element list, I made a few discoveries. There are several areas that I need to revisit, mostly related to forms.

I also found an alternative to W3 Schools html reference at

Some things I learnt:

There are elements that have only a subtle difference from one another. For instance, abbr and acronym. One is for abbreviations (say wgtn instead of Wellington), the other for acronyms (WCC instead of Wellington City Council). I couldn’t help wondering if it was really necessary to have both.

Likewise, q is similar to blockquote, but more straight-forward in that the former is a short quote and the latter is a long quote.

The head element has an attribute ‘profile’. Profile points to a URL containing a meta data profile. I could not find a concise explanation of this – although the best description is in the HTML spec itself. If you have a practical example, let me know.

And I discovered the joys of the dir attribute. Freaking great!

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