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fireFTP is my new friend

I have been using an FTP client called LeechFTP. I gave it a chance but in the end concluded that it was a bit crap. Today I discovered fireFTP which is a plugin for Firefox. So far it meets all my criteria:

  • auto reconnects! (unlike Leech)
  • remembers the directory you were in before you were disconnected (unlike Leech)
  • is 50KB in size!
  • installs automatically in Firefox (just remember to allow Firefox to install files from that site)

It’s a beta so the interface still needs a little work (i.e., when showing your local and remote site try resizing those columns – mind you my screen res on my little X-24 is 1024 x 768). I recommend it and you should try it out and give the developers your feedback.

Speaking of cool: The big instrumental in ‘Rain on Tin’ by Sonic Youth . Yessir.

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