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Chomsky Speaking Itinerary

I couldn’t find a list of Noam Chomsky’s engagements anywhere. Rather that sit back in my usual fog of apathy I thought that I’d start one myself. This is the unofficial, incomplete speaking itinerary of Noam Chomsky.

Please, if you know of a time/venue please let me know (if possible please send a web link too, or any other information). Better yet, if you know of a page that already does this, and that is kept up-to-date, please let me know and I don’t have to bother!

(Please also let me know if Noam is talking in London, as it seems that I’ve missed him.)

There’re also details here about how to get his schedule.

Date Where Title Other
22 May 2004 Liverpool, UK Part of the WOW Fesitval
22 May 2004 Manchester, UK University of Manchester
19 May 2004 London Simple Truths, Hard Choices: Some Thoughts on Terror, Justice and Self-defense Free

Update: I was asked by Prof Chomsky’s staff to not do this. The dude abides.

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