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Saddam captured, double standards still on the loose

Saddam captured – the promise of ‘justice’ being served to this tyrant may cause many not to consider the double standards and hypocrisy represented by this action.

I heard on the news a surprised British interviewer saying that Saddam’s trial might be held in Iraq. Why was he surprised? Saddam did nothing to Britain or the US until they attacked him. His trial should be an Iraqi affair – the Iraqi people have suffered more than the Iranians or Kuwatis, and certainly more than the US and the UK. In the mean time when will Cheney / Rumsfeld / Kissinger et al be tried for their crimes?

We all know the atrocities that Saddam committed against the Kurds, but why is there so little condemnation of Turkish raids against the same people?

There are too few ‘good-guys’ in this saga – it’s not a simple matter of one side being ‘right’. I hope that more people realise this and can condemn the crimes of anyone, regardless of what side they’re on.

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