Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ



I took the plunge (again) last week and installed Linux on the Thinkpad. I first used Linux back in 1998, and every couple of years do an experimental install to see how it’s changed. I’ve never really stuck with it though, as I find myself forced back to Windows because of my reliance on Notes. A couple of years ago I tired to get Notes 5 running on Mandrake Linux (with Wine) but it never got through the installation. With my usual determination I gave up after two attempts….

This time I would like to stick with Linux for a little longer, and may attempt to get Notes running (which would mean no more Windows). I figure that if I was not forced back to Windows all the time by running a dual boot system I would be Linux ‘power-user’ in no time.

And another reason to stick with Linux, I’ve just seen one of my sites in Konqueror – oh shite.

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