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Films that I have watched recently:
This is a fucking weird movie. Fucking weird. There aren’t too many films that I watch and then don’t have clue what the hell they were about. Dudes with an all consuming fetish I guess.

The 6th Day

Arnie delivers more one liners. Like a number of Arnie films, The 6th Day is short on production polish, but it is a thought provoking story on an issue of some sort, this time human cloning. If you know anything about human cloning you will probably think this film is a pile of shite. You may think that it’s a pile of shite anyway, but I liked it.

The Wickerman (again)

Superb, I might buy this one as I could watch again and again the deception and entrapment of a police detective by modern day pagans living on a remote Scottish isle.

High Plains Drifter (again)

Superb – Tash is studying western film at the moment so we’re getting to watch a few. This is one of my
favourites. Clint Eastwood starred and directed.

Unforgiven (again)

Loved this film when I first saw it, although this time some of the shine came off. A brilliant climax though, and Clint stars and directs this archetypal revisionist western.

The Pianist (again)

Moving and amazing. We watch as a the central character, a pianist, has his humanity gradually stripped away until he is reduced to something akin to a giant rodent. At his lowest ebb is he is given hope by a Nazi officer, and allowed to play the piano. A far more sophisticated and subtle depiction of the horrors of the holocaust than Schindler’s List. A testament to the determination and bravery of oppressed peoples.

Casablanca (again)

Super duper.

The Maltese Falcon

Great – Bogie in fine form. Want to see more Noir-esque films like this.

Glengarry Glen Ross

Awesome – great performances all around. To give you an idea of what it’s like, during production it was nicknamed the “Death of a fucking Salesman”.

The Running Man (again)

Tash said this was a bollocks film, but I like it. While delivering a slew of cheesy one-liners, Arnie warns us about the power of the media. I can’t believe that the guy’s a republican.

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