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Abigail’s Party

Last night I watched ‘Abigail’s Party’ . I could tell that it was by the same guy who did ‘Secrets and Lies’. The awkward moments (which constitute the majority of Abigail’s Party) had clearly been choreographed by the same person. I felt that I should have received a certificate at the end of the film for having actually sat through the whole thing. I can’t say that I liked the film, but it has invaded my thoughts constantly since last night. Brilliant acting, and surely the most harrowing film (that wasn’t a horror movie) I have ever seen.

I am using Firebird as my main browser, even more than Moz. It seems to me much the same as Phoenix but with an improved interface. It feels more like a finished product, unlike the last version of Phoenix I used which felt like a work in progress.

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