Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ



While having a break from rebuilding this site as well as learning PHP/MySQL by building a news application with it, I decided to have a look at the new Mozilla Firebird browser (as the branding document tells me it is called). I can’t write my thoughts on it yet, as it will be another hour at least until it downloads (I think I’ll be in a position to get broadband shortly). I was glad that I read the branding document, as the plethora of different Moz offerings had formed a turbulent cloud of confusingness for me.

As for php/MySQL? It is too early for me to make a comparison yet. When you know one way of doing something it is hard to start over again and enjoy it as much as a complete beginner. PHP seems like a lot more work to me, but I’ll reserve judgement in the meantime.

And the plumber came to fix the drains. Hopefully unspeakable things won’t happen in the shower drain when we flush the toilet now.

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