Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ


The colour blue

‘Kiwi’s and Aussies are the most laid back white guys in the world’. A little wisdom from our Jamaican cab driver at 4am this morning. We were returning from the Greek islands which are fabulous. I don’t think I have felt this relaxed for three years. I just hope that I can maintain that feeling. While I’ve had plenty of time off and been to some lovely places, sitting by a pool in Thira (Santorini) doing sweet FA was the best thing I’ve done for some time. I have made a pledge: to take a proper, do nothing holiday every year. I’m sure that this simple action will add years to my life.

Looking at some photos I just realised the most amazing thing about Thira was the colour. I really miss the colour blue which I was so accustomed to growing up in Wellington with a great view of the harbour. As an office slave in London you really don’t see a lot of blue….

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