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Moby Bogie and the War on Snot

I have been plumbing the depths of my nasal regions in search of ‘Moby Bogie’. I discovered the presence of Moby one evening before bed. For some reason I found myself looking up my nose with a mag-lite. I know that it’s weird, but that’s what happened. Anyway, deep within nose, up between the outcrops of flesh, I could see a through a slit at the top of my nose a large white formation. It was huge. I couldn’t do anything about it and assumed that soon enough it would descend.

Over the next day it played on my mind. I actually thought I could feel it, growing larger and more powerful by the hour. I checked again the following night, and sure enough Moby was still there. I asked Tash if she had any cotton buds. In the absence of those, I tried twisting a piece of toilet paper into a stick so I good try to dislodge the monster. I had no luck and resorted to trying to blow it out. That too failed.

It is still there, and I’m beginning to wonder if it might actually be an infection. What would Freud have thought?

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