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May fools day?

Dude. Someone sounds like a fool.

In fact – I get a feeling that he’s going to take it off his site soon so I better keep a copy here. Is this the work of a disgruntled employee? Or a rebellious teen?

We know that you’re too busy fighting off your biological urges and being l33t
hax0rs to Get Involved, but politics is cool, m’kay?

Nobody ever seems to do anything for The Kids! All the decisions are made by
suits, man. That’s so lame!!! We know you think of yourselves as responsible
citizens, but what you wanna do is turn that thought into an action, dudes.

Get involved – to the extreme!

The BBC politics for kids/teens site is, like, totally wacked! Ditto for the
Parliament education site, which even has a section for younger yoof. Fanta-stick!

YoungGov is totally the business for having your say, and there are even wicked
Youth Parliament sites for the UK, Scotland and Europe.

(Hey, chill with the anti-Europe vibes already! You totally won’t be able to
wear the word ‘fcuk’ on your shirt anymore if we break our connection with France,
y’dig? ROFFLE!)

So, cut it with the bling bling and do something for the community, man. Join
in and take action with any of the groovy sites we’ve listed, or just drop Tom
a line for a quiet rap by the electronic e-mail. Tom’s well-up on the Interwebnet,
and he won’t harsh your buzz or dis you down the line.

WARNING: Getting involved in politics may cause premature ageing and a sudden
loss of friends.

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