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Clunk clunk clunk goes Outlook

Clunk clunk clunk goes Outlook. Is it a just a matter of what you know is what you like? The mail template in Notes 4.5/4.6 wasn’t ideal. The funny thing is that up until now, when I thought of Notes mail I always thought of the 4.5/4.6 era template. In my opinion Notes 4.5/4.6 was too good for its own good. No one bothered upgrading and these days the old template is still common. It looks like shit. The Notes 6 mail template kicks Outlook 2000’s arse. In most areas. What’s this assertion based on? Hmmm. Things like how in Notes to read my email I can use the enter or backspace key to open and then browse through my email instead of enter, then ctrl+> and ctrl+

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