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Plastic Bags and Empires

The BBC World Service strikes again. This time a report on plastic bags. I’m serious, it was really interesting. In Bangladesh, plastic bags have been banned. They were responsible for all kinds of environmental problems. I think it’s a great idea. Our perception of the plastic bag has to change so that we either ban them or use them over and over before recycling them.

In Ireland, there is a 15 cent levy on plastic bags. The BBC reporter put his foot in it somewhat in the following exchange:

“What do you think of paying the tax on plastic bags? The Irish have always been pretty good at avoiding tax.” *cringe*

“Yes, well this is our own tax, not a colonial tax imposed by someone else.”

Ha ha. Made me think of this . The imperial attitude is alive and well in Great Britain.

Oh yeah – I watched Tron last night. Interesting movie, I can see its influence in movies like The Matrix and Blade Runner. And that web site the wayback machine . There are rumours of a remake too….

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