Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ



“We can cover ourselves in Deep Heat and get up against a radiator. Keep ourselves alive until twelve.”

So said Withnail during a cold London winter. I’m close to doing the same thing. The flaw in this scheme is that the boiler is on the blink and so the radiators aren’t all that warm. The lads shower has no hot water, although ours has a mini power-shower thing that heats the water. At least it’s not as cold as Dunedin used to get. For some reason it was often warmer outside than inside. The kind of houses I lived in down there made this place look like a mansion (which, technically it is, it has the word ‘mansion’ in the name). Jeez, I remember one place, 8 (or was it 9) Dundas Street. It had at one time been a beautiful and huge colonial family home. We shared it with rats and hairly fungi. Ah, the good old days!

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