Delayed coverage from Wellington NZ


Faking It

We’re sitting in the flat watching a program called “Faking It”. The concept is to get a plebe and then a group of coaches teach them a lifestyle. They have four weeks to pass themselves off to a group of experts. The point of this episode is to get a London pen pusher and turn him into a surfer. In four weeks. They are saying the word ‘fuck’ a lot. This guy – the subject of the program, keeps saying “My groin is on fire”. Party on dude.
21:39 – He can stand up. He has two weeks left.

21:40 – “My ribs are fucked”

21:42 – Shopping for surf clothes, sun beds, and getting a haircut.

21:43 – With the image taken care of he looks the part. He is having trouble sleeping. His ribs again.

21:45 – The surfer dudes are taking the piss because his ribs are sore. They have called him a mummy’s boy. Ouch.

21:46 – The guy is majorly wussing out. He says he is not quitting though. The dudes don’t buy it. They say he has no commitment.

21:48 – He takes the weekend off. He has a week left.

21:50 – He has a good surf. Everyone’s moral is up.

21:51 – They give him a custom made surf board.

21:52 – They play uplifting and happy music. He still rides like shit.

21:58 – The day of the competition.

22:02 – The competitions starts and our man is not going too well. “He is lounging there”. The coaches are pissed.

22:04 – They play mournful opera. This sucks. Normally these people can fake it.

22:04 – Slow-mo balls up. He is crap. The judges announce the winner.

22:05 – The judges all guess that it he has faked it. It is the first time that I have seen someone not pass their challenge.

22:07 – Debriefing. They are all happy that even though he failed, he has made some new friends and is now a keen surfer. Stoked.

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