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Highlights from 2008

2008 went fast. Highlights included:

  • Cigars. From the first proper smoke I had on Mauricio’s porch in Habana (a Cohiba no less), to the aged Davidoff on Christmas Eve, cigars have become a great addition to the enjoyment of life.
  • Getting engaged. Tash agrees to marry me just before Christmas. w00t! (BTW, these are in no particular order)
  • Helicopters. Well only one. The flight to the floor of the Grand Canyon followed by a dusk flight over Las Vegas was extremely memorable.
  • Mexico. We only visited Mexico City and Teotihuacan, but I can’t wait to return. Our friends Rulo and Pia gave me a wonderful tour of Mexico City, complete with traffic thrills, grilled grasshoppers, and mariachi!
  • The US trip in March was incredible. I would love to return to New York, Washington DC and San Diego. Tash organised the whole thing and did a marvelous job. The Saturn V in Houston was extremely cool.
  • Webstock was brilliant, and I’m looking forward to the 2009 event in February. The quiz was a lot of fun, we really must organise another one of those!
  • Importantly for me the vast majority of projects I worked on this year were successful. The new year poses many challenges and opportunities, and I see no dull moments ahead.
Roseneath, Wellington, Wednesday, January 7th, 2009


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