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The HTML 5 and standards crisis

A really intriguing thread about the crisis facing the future of HTML/client-side/standards at Molly Holzschlag’s site. I don’t quite grasp what the issues are, but a lot of commentors inferred that they understood the problem/s. I guess I’ll have to do a little more homework to find out what she meant. I want to understand. She even uses the ‘F’ word. Snicker.

Joe Clark injects a little humour into the discussion and simultaneously reminds me of an hilarious Eddie Murphy gag:

What *has* Tantek Çelik done for us lately?

Zeldman has a response of sorts on his site, indicating that he’d like specifics. Do those two not get along? And speaking of people not getting along, there’s some real love, respect and admiration being shown if you scroll down the thread.

Update There’s a follow-up from Molly here.

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