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Creating a search plugin for your own site with Firefox


I have created a search plugin for the Firefox search box that will allow bucketFountain fans who use Firefox/Mozilla/etc to search bucketFountain directly from the browser. I’ve uploaded the necessary files and will let you know when it’s available. And it was soooo easy to do.

I’ve started work on one for the Notes 6 forum too, and will create others for MySQL, PHP, and other reference sites that I use regularly. Check here for details on how to do it.

Maida Vale, London, Wednesday, September 29th, 2004

Site ideas

I found a great tutorial on how to make Mac style aqua buttons in Fireworks MX. Not that I’m going to make bucketFountain look like a Mac, but I’m thinking that the glassy look might come in handy…
Maida Vale, London, Sunday, September 26th, 2004

Dan Brown. Hmmm.

What can I say about the author Dan Brown? His books (I’ve read The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons) are both exciting if perhaps slightly predictable – but they are written like shite. I know how hard it is to write decent prose, I have a 20,000 word novel draft gathering dust on my hard drive. I can’t even bring myself to look at it. But this guy is a professional right? There’s a noticeable difference between The Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons – Mr Brown may have been attending a writing course. Ms Natasha recognised the similarity between Da Vinci code and The Genesis Code. Does that mean if I can pay ‘homage’ to a story by referencing it in the title I can change some of the names around and use it for my own novel?

Maida Vale, London, Sunday, September 26th, 2004

Mr Spolsky is a cool dude

I’ve just about finished reading my debut amazon purchase, ‘Joel on Software’ . It has changed some of my work habits (which were pretty bad to start with) and made me think about development in a new way. It is also easy to read and f-ing funny. We’re about to interview for a temp at work, so I found this article of interest. Joel elaborates a little more in the book and offers this gem:

The worst kind of interviewer is the blowhard. That’s the kind who blabs the whole time and barely leaves the candidate time to say, “yes, that’s so true, I couldn’t agree with you more.”

Hmmm, seems familiar to me for some reason.

Maida Vale, London, Friday, September 24th, 2004

Home wrecker of the week

“If we legitimize same-sex unions, we will make ourselves even more of a target for terrorists.”

Say wha…? Found at I Do, which I found via Civic Space, which is what the Spread Firefox site runs on.

Maida Vale, London, Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

Firefox becomes a superfast millonaire

Wow – Firefox has been downloaded more that a million times in 100 hours. I am really happy about that, as to be honest I thought that a million downloads in 10 days would be pushing it. Big ups to the sfx team – perhaps I should help?

Maida Vale, London, Monday, September 20th, 2004

Spread Firefox

I’m told by George (no link for George) that the Spread Firefox is ‘b0rking under the load!’

But before all this popularity could go to our head, it went to our servers—and they struggled. Please bear with us through outages and slowdowns as we work to manage the load; we hope to have the download counter updating more frequently when we get our site functioning better under this massive load.

Maida Vale, London, Saturday, September 18th, 2004

Please don’t let this be another Netscape

OK – I’m a big Mozilla Firefox fan, and that’s why I’m going to have a small gripe.

Far be it from me to complain, but I have a two small issues with PR1 of Firefox.

1. Mail options in menus that only work (I assume) if you use Thunderbird. So why are they there?

2. Spread Firefox link in the Tools menu
OK, strike that one, I swear that at 8:35 BST that the link wasn’t working, and that it actually crashed my newly installed PR1. They must have just uploaded it.

“Two tiny problems, who cares? It’s a just a preview release”, says Tom Bungalow, the most apathetic of my many personalities. Well, I reply, when it is the main download link on the homepage of and it’s this close to the real deal (ie, version 1) one doesn’t expect these kind of issues. It also makes me look like a obscure-software-evangelising-freak recommending broken software to my buddies who are quite happy with IE.

AND, if we’re promoting this thing with Spread Firefox (hope the link works), it’s got to be sharp. No use talking it up (you know, “The Browser you can trust”) if it does silly things, no matter how trivial they are, as anyone that has built any kind of application will know.

And for those who are upgrading, I don’t think that this is emphasized enough: when you upgrade, start with a new profile!

Windows users: Start > run > “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\Firefox.exe” -p

Maida Vale, London, Wednesday, September 15th, 2004


Another step into the 21st century the other week. I ordered a book ( Joel on Software ) through amazon and it arrived on Monday. And I thought that they’d just charge me and not deliver….

Maida Vale, London, Wednesday, September 15th, 2004

Bakerloo Line



Maida Vale, London, Saturday, September 11th, 2004


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