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The Cheeky Girls from Transvestvania

I am slow on the uptake. It occurred to me the other night that the Cheeky Girls are transvestites. One of them is definitely a transvestite – but I’d bet that they both are.

The Eye vs Ring – after paying a ?40 fine at the local video store (which I was able to pay off for only ?20), I got out ‘The Eye’ and then ‘Ring’. I felt a little let down by Ring – I expected it to be far more creepy than it was. The Eye was an unusual film – a little like ‘The Sixth Sense’ except it wasn’t crap. The Eye is a scary film that has, I felt, a more satisfying conclusion. Ring does a bit of a ‘Blair Witch’ at the end, and I felt a bit pissed off about that. Ring is also quite a strange film. I think that if you want a mildly scary movie that is a little different then Ring is it.

Maida Vale, London, Sunday, November 2nd, 2003


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