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The other day I arrived back in london. The weather has been a real shock, I was used to seeing the sun every day in Spain. I have started work on beta 0.02 of the site. The aim is to complete the site to what I had originally envisaged (but didn’t have time to do). The layout of pages is to be determined by CSS, and I am adding in a little more organisation and functionality. It should look a little nicer too.

Edgeware Road, London, Friday, August 30th, 2002

New Zealand

We’ve had lots of great questions, and we’ll only have time for one or two more (sorry Disney 55!).

MMSimon asks: If you could live anywhere besides U.S.A., where would it be?

New Zealand, no question. Before I went, people kept saying the people and the food would be boring. But the food was fantastic, and the people were like all the characters from Lord of the Rings. They were colorful, and entertaining, and because New Zealand is an *underpopulated* country, they were just so glad to see you.

Cunit, Spain, Tuesday, August 13th, 2002


I am at a try hard beach in the north of spain. I have seen some REAL beautiful people. Stunning. But I feel sorry for the try hards that want to be like the BP?s but look totally pathetic. Looks like a good town to party if you are young and single though.

Near Barcelona, Spain, Monday, August 12th, 2002


Bought a Seamus Heaney book when I was back in London. Read a poem about an Irish soldier who died on the 31/7 in WWI. After I had read it I realised that that was the current date! I thought it was pretty special anyway…. Sevilla rocks, love the old Moorish stuff and the cathedral is massive.

Sevilla, Spain, Friday, August 2nd, 2002


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